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The Win + Art hosue Project, 2015



Art director:  신지선  Ji-Sun Shin

Curator:  장서윤  Chang Seo youn

Performance Director:  이로경  Yi Lo-Kyung

Visual Artist:  신현정 Fay Shin, 산업예비군 Industrial Reserve Army , 이세희 Lee sehee, 최두수 Dusu Choi, 신지선 Ji-sun Shin, 이로경 Yi Lo-kyung

Performace: 김혜경  Hye Kyoung Kim, 남현우 Hyunwoo Nam (nami.woo), 배효섭 Hyosub Bae, 이은경 Eun Kyung Lee, 이이슬 Eisul Lee

예술이 사회적 기능을 가질때 어떠한 역할을 할 수 있을까? The win art house project는 호텔이라는 공간에 현대미술작품이 관객이자 숙박객과의 만남을 통해 예술의 실험을 공유해 보는 취지로 시작되었다.



다이나믹한 젊음과 문화가 흐르는 도시 합정역에 위치한 The Win Art House는 예술을 더하여, 여행과 비즈니스, 사랑을 찾아 방문한 고객들에게 다른 차원의 서비스를 제공다. 때로는 공간과 함께 어우러지고, 때로는 공간에 낯선 분위기를 불러일으키는 작품들을 통해 예술은 보다 대중에게 가깝게 다가간다.

이를 위해 2015년 7월부터 새롭게 선보이는 Art House Project는 ‘Paint Over: Travel. Business. Love’ 라는 테마로 첫 번째 오프닝 프로젝트를 통해 또 다른 만남을 갖고자 한다. 예술가들이 가진 영감과 그들의 작품이 럭셔리 게스트하우스라는 공간에서 대중과 만났을 때, 과연 예술의 의미가 무엇인지, 그리고 무엇을 위해 존재 하는지에 대해 예술가는 물론 대중들이 함께 고민할 수 있는 의미 있는 장소가 되기를 바란다.


The Win-Art House, near Hapjeong area where dynamic youth and culture exist, seeks to provide a higher level of services to guests coming to Korea for travel, business or love by using art. People will become more familiar to art through artworks which sometimes go together with space and give an unfamiliar mood to the space other times.

The Art House wants to meet people through an opening project ‘Paint Over: Love. Travel. Business.’ We hope The Win-Art House will become a meaningful place where artists and people talk about the meaning and purpose of art when artists’ inspiration and their artworks meet people in the luxurious guest house.



Paint Over:

Love, Travel, Business



Unknown Medley

모르는 메들리

다양한 사연과 체취를 지닌 여러 사람들이 오고 갔던 호텔의 공간들이 지워지고 덧씌워진 분절된 기억의 메들리로 다시 연결된다.


Spaces in the hotel with stories and scent from verious people are again connected into a series of fragmented memories erased and overlaid.




# 401

Fay Shin


신현정(Fay Shin)은 시간, 온도, 습도, 빛 등 우리가 현실을 지각하는데 있어 미세한 영향을 끼치는 요소들이 회화의 형식을 통해 어떻게 표현될 수 있는지 탐구하고 있다. 


Fay Shin mainly work on paintings to study how minute factors, such as temperature, light, humidity and time, having an influence on experiencing reality can be expressed in a new way out of typical painting techniques. Shin was nominated for Acme Chadwell Award 5 given to excellent graduates in London after earning a master’s degree in fine art at Goldsmiths University of London in 2012. She held a trio exhibition at Space O'NewWall in 2014 and won a prize in an art contest by AG Gallery run by Ahn-Gook Pharmaceutical Company to hold an exhibition < Points, Lines, Planes and Weather> in 2015.


# 301

Dusu Choi


대중소비사회의 스펙터클과 일상성을 차용하거나 그것과 교류하면서 시대적 감수성을 드러내는 작가 최두수는 미디어, 패션, 브랜드, 광고에 대한 관심으로 팝컬쳐와 대중매체를 적극 수용하면서 자신의 작품세계를 구축하고 있다.


Dusu choi has added variety to various media, such as installation art, sculpture and video, in his works. He reads a phenomenon’s pattern and visually re-interprets it rather than focusing on a specific part. After receiving a master’s degree in environmental sculpture at University of Seoul and in art at University of the Arts London, Choi held and participated in many solo exhibitions and special exhibitions including <Motel Prada (at Project Space Sarubia in 2001)>, <Flash / A Sign for Short Sweet Magical Times (at Economist Gallery in London in 2004)>, <No Man's Land (at Insa Art Space in 2010)>, <Tell Me Everything (at Gallery Palais de in 2014)>.  He is currently working as a resident artist in Gyeong-gi Creation Center.


# 303

Ly Lo-kyung


이로경 작가는 비디오를 중심으로 작업하며, 주로 장소화된 공간과 불균형 속에서 균형 감각을 찾아 오고 있다.


Lo-kyung Yi uses videos and tries to intervene in space and look for balance in imbalance of the place. His main artworks include <Record of Blank Paper (2013)>, <Internal Angle of Cosmos (2014)>, <Person in Hell (2015)>. He worked as one of the sixth resident artists at Geumcheon Art Factory, an art space in Seoul, and is currently working on 2015 Byeol-byeol (meaning ‘all kinds of’ in Korean) Art Project.


# 402

Industrial Reserve Army



공공적 예술이 사회와 긍정적인 호흡을 할 수 있는 모델을 연구 중에 있는 아티스트 김현준, 유화수, 이완 3명의 아티스트 팀으로 현대사회의 ‘구조’와 ‘자본’을 연구한다.


Industrial Reserve Army is a project team consisting of three artists Lee wan, Yu hwa su, Kim hyun jun and has been researching how public art can positively interact with society. The team held an exhibition <Flexible Tension> at Kumho Museum in 2013 and a special exhibition <Busan Biennale Swim Factory> in 2014.  They also participated in a program held by Changdong Residency, an art studio run by National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.


# 302

Lee Sehee


이세희 작가는 가짜 꽃(조화), 식물, 과일, 치약, 로션 등 자본주의 사회에서 나온 오브제들과 생필품의 소재들로  겉으로는 화려하고 아름답지만 형식적인 공허함이 생산되는 시대를 상징적으로 보여주는 작업이다.


Sehee Lee disassembles and reassembles forms of copies of artificial flowers and fruits and of necessaries, such as toothpaste or lotion, and recreates them into new objects in photographs. She captures forms, which look fancy and beautiful outside but unfamiliar and strange at the same time, to show an era of emptiness in a symbolic manner. She hold a solo exhibition <Name of Things with No Name> at 57th Gallery in 2013 and participated in group exhibitions < Young & Young Artist> at Young-eun Museum in 2013 and <Greed, Sex, Dystopia, Flower> at Space O'NewWall in 2015.


# 304

Ji-sun Shin


신지선 작가는 장소에 얽힌 이야기를 상상력을 통하여 은유적으로 재연하며, 정체성을 중심으로 우리의 배경이 되는 문화를 찾아가는 프로젝트를 해오고 있다.


JI-sun Shin presents stories of a place with metaphor and her imagination. Her project is searching for identity in Korean culture and her practice is not limited to a specific medium, she uses various formats as painting, photography, installation and video. Ji-sun, her previous five solo shows were: ‘Apartment Tour’ in Brain Factory, Seoul; Project apt-tour in Saint Jean Port Joli, Bureau Touristique (Quebec, Canada) 'Wonseodong', Insa artspace (Seoul, Korea), 'The panorama of collected stories: Sangdo-dong',Space MASS /Hal할Porject (Seoul, Korea); ‘Sometime, someplace’, Seoul Art space Geumcheon, Seoul. She has participated in the Seoul Art space Geumcheon residency program. She also co-produced Australia Nomadic residency program in 2013 and now she is running The Win Art House and is working as an Art Director.

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